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Normally, the Audio Blowout and its upgrade require separate fees, but with this exclusive offer, you’ll receive both libraries for a single price!

The Audio Blowout library comprises an extensive collection of 19,000 audio tracks. On top of that, you’ll also receive the Audio Blowout Upgrade, which adds another 35,000 audio tracks to your collection! This means you’ll have a total of 54,000 audio tracks at your disposal!

And don’t forget full Unrestricted Private Label Rights (PLR) is included in this offer!

Get Unrestricted PLR To


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Massive Audios Library Covering Music, Intros, Loops, Ambient, Sound Effects and many more!

A Variety Of Genres Are Covered Including Acoustic, Ballad, Celebration, Chill, Classical, Rock, Country, And Many More!

A massive audio collection of over 19,000 + 35,000 (Total 54,000) audio tracks!


You’ll find music, intros, ambient, sound effects, and many more!


The audio tracks cover many genres, including acoustic, ballad, celebration, chill, classical, rock, country, and more!


Our audio tracks are all in studio quality format, giving you unmatched quality!


Includes unrestricted PLR, so you can resell and profit from these audio tracks!


No copyright headache and attribution free! You can use all these audio files without worrying about attribution!

Whether it’s a


audio is crucial to any digital media project. It goes without saying that audio is needed for everything!

But licensing audio can get pricey, and don’t forget the licensing terms can also be confusing and restrictive, creating a lot of gray area regarding what you can do with them.

Using audio without EXTRA CARE can put you or your business at risk! You are also putting yourself and your business at risk if you download audio files from unknown sources.

When you can avoid licensing issues, why put yourself at risk?

With Our Audio Blowout Package, all audios are 100% Royalty Free and Attribution Free!

Also, We Are Throwing In Unrestricted PLR Rights So You Can Even Resell And Distribute The Audios For 100% Profit!

More than 19,000 + 35,000 (Total 54,000) audio files are included in Audio Blowout, covering music, intros, ambient, sound effects, and more!

Besides being huge, this package is extremely diverse, offering genres ranging from A to Z as well as anything in between, covering a wide range of genres, including Blues, Instrumental, Piano, Rock, Techno, Electronic, Guitar, Intros, Outros, Pop, Epic, Country, Upbeat, and much more.

Audio files in the library are all in studio quality standard format, which means they can be used with most programs and apps you already use.

The value is insane! With Audio Blowout, you only need to pay once and can use these audios forever! It can be very expensive and complicated to license audio, but with Audio Blowout, you only pay once.

Licensing is not an issue! All of these audios include full unrestricted PLR rights. You can also use them freely without worrying about copyright issues since they are royalty-free. Don’t forget with full private label rights, you can resell, distribute, or profit from it 100%!

Get a taste of the Audio Blowout package by listening to some of its audios!

Due to Audio Blowout’s massive size, it is almost impossible to preview all the audio in this section.

For preview purposes, only a small selection of the audio is shown below. Be aware that there are over ten thousand premium audio tracks in the library with similar quality.

Here’s A Summary Of What You Will Get Inside Audio Blowout:

Over 19,000 + 35,000 (Total 54,000) diverse audio tracks are included, including music, loops, intros, sound effects, and ambient.


The music covers a wide range of genres, including acoustic, ballads, celebrations, chill, classical, rock, and country.


You will receive unmatched quality audio files formatted with studio quality recordings.


A single payment is all that is required, and you will never be charged royalties.


Include with full unrestricted PLR rights so you can profit from this super value package!

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And Get Access To Massive Library Of  19,000 + 35,000 (Total 54,000)  Studio Quality Audio Tracks.

And don’t forget you are getting Unrestricted PLR With Audio Blowout!

This is a limited time offer and may get taken down at ANY TIME.

Audio Blowout Combo

You will get access to BOTH Audio Blowout + Audio Blowout Upgrade For One Time Fee!

Your PLR License Rights:

You will receive PLR license to Audio Blowout Blowout, please read carefully what you can and cannot do with this product.

* You CAN rebrand the Product and resell it under your own brand.
* You CAN add the Product as a bonus to your existing product.
* You CAN use the product for affiliate promotion.
* You CAN add, mix and match the Product with other products and resell it.
* You CAN sell the files individually or as a package.
* You CAN add this product to a niche paid membership site like audio membership site that is NOT specializing in distributing PLR or Resell Rights.
* You CANNOT sell or distribute this product across platforms like WarriorPlus, JVZoo or Clickbank.
* You CANNOT sell or distribute this product across free or paid membership site that specialized in distributing PLR or Resell Rights products.

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