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Super Blackboard Video


Super Blackboard Video is a toolkit packaged with templates and animated slides that allow you to create fancy and engaging blackboard style videos using PowerPoint.


My Video Pal

My Video Pal is a huge collection varieties of professional swipe files, templates and resources that you can use to create stunning videos using PowerPoint.

My Video Pal V2

The volume 2 of My Video Pal is bigger than ever with brand new unique swipe files, templates and other resources that you can use to create video in minutes using PowerPoint that will captivate your viewer.

My Video Pal V3

My Video Pal Volume 3 is considered the largest toolkit among My Video Pal series, it comes with brand new unique swipe files and templates that you can use to deploy videos that will impress your viewers.

My Character Video

Create fancy animated character video using PowerPoint has never been easy with My Character Video, you will find varieties of themes and templates with My Character Video that you can use to deploy your next eye catching animated videos.





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Quick FAQs and information

  • Software Compatibility (Important) All the slides and templates included in all the products above are created with fully utilizing all the features PowerPoint 2010 has to offer. These templates will not work with earlier version of PowerPoint 2010 so it is highly recommended that you have PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 before using these video templates.
  • Will these templates work with PowerPoint for Mac, keynote, Open Office or other software? All the products above are made exclusively for PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 for Windows so the short answer is no, but keynote can import these slides but it won’t retain the animations.
  • Is there an OTO? Yes, the OTO give you the option to purchase the OTO of all the above products in one big package.
  • What license will I receive with the product? You will receive personal usage license which permits you to use the templates for yourself or commercial purposes. Commercial purpose covers using the templates to build video and sell them to your client. You cannot distribute or resell the templates.
  • Can I change everything in the slides like the text, images, music etc? Yes, you can change almost everything in the slides easily.

If you have questions not listed above, please contact us.