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Access Links For Ingenious Slide:

The files are archive in .zip format. You will need to extract the files to view the product files.

* As the links on this page are dynamically generated every time you visited this page, please left click on the download link instead of right clicking on it to prevent error.

* All links on this page will expired automatically after 15 minutes so please refresh this page again for new links if the link expired.

* If you are on Windows, you can use the Windows built in extractor to extract the files or use a free software such as 7zip to extract the archives.

* If you are on a MAC, you will find instructions on this page on how to zip or unzip .zip archives.


Quick Start Guide:

* Please note that the following guide is for Big Slide which is another product but Ingenious Slide and Big Slide share many similarities, so customizing the sides in Ingenious Slide is exactly the same like in Big Slide. (The only difference with Big Slide and Ingenious Slide are the different slide titles and designs, so you might not able to find the exact same slide titles as shown in the tutorial with Ingenious Slide)