Introducing Ultimate Transparent Stock Photos Volume 2

What is the Ultimate Transparent Stock Photos Volume 2?

Introducing the Ultimate Transparent Stock Photos Volume 2 now bigger and better. The Volume 2 now comes with a Brand New Mammoth Collection of more than 1000 High resolution Stock Images with transparent background in various categories. With the countless time we put into touching these photos to superior quality you are receiving the only best quality of images that allow you to integrate these images flawlessly to any of your project regardless of its background or design.

See Why Our Stock Photos with Transparent background will Integrate Perfectly to your Project!

Below are two comparisons between an image with transparent background and another normal image without transparent background. You can see from the two comparisons our image with transparent background on the left integrate flawlessly into the design where the other normal image without transparent background just doesn’t look nice at all!

* On the right is a regular image and on the left is an image with transparent background. As you can see from both comparison image with transparent background allow you to use them over any background and they will fit in perfectly where a regular image you can’t just put them on top of any background and expect them to fit in.

But not all Stock Photos with Transparent Background are Made Equal!

Some images with transparent background are not made with love. They are either not made by professional or they are crafted by someone who couldn’t really give a damn about quality! This is especially true when it comes to people like female with long hair as the object tends to be more complicated and require much effort in smoothing the edge surrounding the hair and edges.

But our stock photos with transparent background are different because each of them is handcrafted to perfection, just look at the below example to see some comparison between a an inferior quality image with our superior quality image with transparent background.

* If you look at the left our superior quality image have perfect finishing to all edges including the hair but if you look at the right the hair have very rough edges resulting in an inferior finishing.

Features of the Ultimate Transparent Stock Photos Package Volume 2.


Gigantic Collection

The New Ultimate Transparent Stock Photos Volume 2 now comes with a mammoth collection of more than 1000 Brand New HD Images with Transparent background in wide selection of various categories.

High Resolution

All our images are format in high resolution so that you can use them for any project including even print!


Images with transparent background are unique and you don’t get them a lot in today’s marketplace but you can get access to a huge collection of more than 1000 Over Brand New Superior Quality Images with transparent background for an affordable low price!


Superior Quality

We live and breath Quality and have spent countless times in retouching these images to flawless quality that will satisfy any taste buds!

Preview The Stock Photos With Transparent Background Below.

* Please note that not all of the images are included below for preview, you will receive more than 1000 high quality stock photos with transparent background in the package. And all the images has been scaled down in size to fit into the preview frame, all the images in the original package are of high resolution stock.

Price Going Up In:








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Get the Ultimate Transparent Stock Photos Volume 2 Now!

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What are the images format?

* All images are in PNG high resolution format with transparent background. PNG is a standard image format and you can use them in almost every graphic, video, presentation or any software available on the market.

How will I receive my order?

* After your order has been processed an email with the login instruction will be automatically sent to your email, please check your email for the login instruction on how to access your ordered products.

Where can I get help?

* If you require any support with our product please contact us through our online helpdesk.

What license will I receive?

You will receive Royalty free license with the images that allow you to use the images unlimited times in your personal and commercial work.

Important, trademark items in our images.

* Please note that some of the images may contain trademark items, images that contain trademark items may only be used only in for informational purposes and cannot be used for advertising, on merchandise or in any way that may inflict the trademark.

* Trademark items example including but not limited to, building belong to a company, sign with a logo, slogan or product name like for eg a bottle of coke. Popular character like Mickey Mouse, Donald duck and etc are also consider as trademark items.

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