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20,000 More additional vector graphics.

Many More scaleable vector grpahics distributed into well organized categories.

Through this one time offer you will be able to add another massive collection of 20,000 vector graphics to your library. These vector graphics are unique with each of them comes with SVG and PNG file and are distributed into well organized categories so you can find the next graphic you need easily.

500 unique high definition motion effects.

bundle of hd motion effects that you can use to add instant engaging effects to any of your video.

You will find effects like particles, flame, smoke and various types of effects and all the effects are with green screen built in black background allowing you to key them out easily and integrate them to your project.  Both MP4 and MOV files are also included for each video so you can use them in almost all your favourite video software.

How you can use these Motion Effects in your video:

Below you will see couple of sample videos of our Motion Effects being used on top of another video with the black background keyed out. You can use these motion effects in almost any project to add instant enagaging special effects to them.

Particle Effects:

smoke Effects:

explosion Effects:

flame Effects:

Preview some of the Motion Effects you will be getting Below:

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Vector Giant OTO
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