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“YesAudio!” is a special offer package with Resell Rights license, this special offer is available only until the 20th November 2014, so don’t miss out!

What is the YesAudio! music package?

“YesAudio!” is a new huge royalty free music package that is included with a total of 330 royalty free music tracks that cover varieties of different themes. The collection is included with full length tracks, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds tracks.

One of the awesome things about the YesAudio package is that you will receive Resell Rights license with the package. The license gives you the freedom to distribute or even resell the music tracks to your customers without any restriction. With the myriad of music tracks and the licensing freedom, YesAudio is an extremely valuable package that will provide you with unlimited profits possibilities!

Preview the YesAudio 330 Music Tracks Below



* Only some of the music tracks are picked for the preview above, you will find a total of 330 music tracks that cover varieties of different length in the YesAudio! package.

Summary of Features & Technical Information

Huge Package

Huge package, total collection of 330 music tracks in one big package.

Resell Rights License

Resell Rights license, instead of receiving the normal restricted royalty free license, through this offer you will receive Resell Rights license that allows you to distribute and even resell these music tracks directly without any restriction. This gives you a lot of profits making possibilities.

Wide Selection

Wide selection, the music tracks cover varieties of different themes and all the music tracks are in .mp3 format.


In total you will receive 103 full length music tracks, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 1 and half minutes music length music tracks.

What can you do with the royalty free music tracks?

With Resell Rights license, you are given myraid of freedom with these tracks. You can use the royalty free music tracks in your video creation project or any rich media project either personal or commercial nature project. Resell Rights license also allows you to distribute or resell these tracks without any restriction and you can also use the tracks to integrate into another product of yours which you intend to distribute or resell.


Get the YesAudio! 330 Music Tracks Package with Resell Rights license Now!


== Sorry but this offer has expired ===


* This is a limited time promotion and will expire after 20th November 2014, so don't miss out!


FAQs and Information

* All payments are processed by PayPal and PayPal accept major credit card or debit card payments from most of the countries in the world.

* This is a limited time special promotion for our partners and for our own members, through this special offer you will receive substantial discount for the YesAudio! product and will also receive a special Resell Rights license for the product.

* The Resell Rights license offer above is a perpetual license, meaning you will have the rights to distribute and resell the above product perpetuity. Your receipt for the purchase will be the prove that you have purchase the necessary license to distribute the music tracks.

* All the product files are hosted online for online downloads, you will have instant access to the member's area to download the product after payment is completed. Please refer to the activation email that was sent to you for instruction on how to access the product.

* If you have any question about this offer, please contact us through this page.