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Introducing Your Video Presenter.

What is Your Video Presenter?

YourVideoPresenter is a brand new collection of professional Spokesperson videos, kinetic typography videos and voice over in various high in demand offline niches. Video marketing is becoming a must have for marketing leading to a skyrocket demand in videos and YourVideoPresenter is your perfect companion to feed this hungry industry. You can use these videos to create professional offline videos that you can sell for couple hundreds a pop to your customers or use them to promote your own business and many more. And with the versatile nature of our product there are endless customizations possibilities for our videos and templates giving you the power to create unlimited unique video variations hence opening up countless money making opportunity.

See What You Get With YourVideoPresenter Below:

Professional Live Spokesperson Videos With Greenscreen Background in High Definition Quality.

In this module you will find 20 professional spokesperson videos spoken by experienced actors and actress. The video scripts are written by native English writers who have countless experience on their clock so you are getting high quality spokesperson videos that you can use to produce videos for your clients and charge them hundred over dollars a pop or use them to promote your own business and many more.

All the videos are taken with greenscreen background and in full high definition quality to give you the best details. With greenscreen you can easily key the background out and integrate them into any of your project easily.

* Video with white background variants are also included in the bundle.


Preview the Videos Below:

Kinetic Typography Videos With Customizeable Source Files.

These stunning kinetic typography videos are made with energetic animations and paired with professional voice over to capture your viewer attention. All these videos come with its original source files in PowerPoint format giving you unlimited editing possibilities over them. Want to add your logo, animation, picture or anything at all? No problem! With the versatility of PowerPoint you literally have unlimited ways to customize them.

Preview the Videos Below:

Generic Spokesperson Videos With Greenscreen Background.

These generic videos are made for one size fit all! They are created for the most common topics such as video outro leads follow up, contact us page, newsletter sign up, video outro quote follow up and etc. Each video is spoken by 2 different actors and 1 actress to give you more varieties and all the videos are taken with greenscreen background so you can key them out as necessary to use with your project. You can use these videos for website or use them on existing video like for outro.

* Video with white background variants are also included in the bundle.


Preview the Videos Below:

Professional Voice Over With Optimized Split Tracks for Slides.

In this module, you will receive the raw original voice over tracks use by the kinetic typography videos above. We also included the optimized split tracks so you can easily use these voice overs in your slide based video or presentation software.

Original Raw Video Scripts Written by Experience Writers

You will also receive the original script in the package, you can use these scripts for reference or rewrite them for your own needs.

Special Exclusive Call to Action Videos Bonus from Kimberly.

Special Exclusive Valuable Bonus, you will also receive a bundle of more than 45 high quality call to action videos from Kimberly an experienced professional marketer. These call to action videos are professionally made by Kimberly herself and various different topics are included such as welcome, appointment booking, and contact, join sweeps, free consultation booking and many more!

Preview the Videos Below:

Brief Features of YourVideoPresenter

Superior Quality.

We eat and breath quality, all our videos are professionally made by professional marketers. You will only get the best with YourVideoPresenter bundle plus with the affordability nature of our product this will be one of the best investment you will make!

Unlimited money making potential.

With video being an almost must have tool to market effectively, the offline local niche is always hungry for more unique professional videos to promote their business. YourVideoPresenter bundle is the perfect companion for you to feed this hungry industry. You can use these videos to create eye catching video and sell it to local businesses or turn yourself into a professional video consultant instantly and more. There are virtually unlimited ways to make profits with YourVideoPresenter.

Professional Script.

All our video scripts are written by native English writer with plenty of experience to ensure the final video sound right and most importantly capture the attention of the audience.

Full of Values.

YourVideoPresenter package is full of values; you will get high quality spokesperson videos with qualified actors and actress, kinetic typography videos with professional voice over, generic greenscreen videos, quality raw audios with split tracks, original video scripts and more. If you were you to create these on your own it will literally cost you thousand of dollars not to mention the time involved in finding the right actor, script writers and video producer. But with YourVideoPresenter you can get everything for a price of a night out!

Get YourVideoPresenter Now!

Your Video Presenter Personal Usage License

YourVideoPresenter Personal

Your Video Presenter Extended Developer License

YourVideoPresenter Developer

Personal Usage license allow you to use the contents for your own personal or commercial project, you cannot use these contents for your clients project.

Extended Developer License enable you to use the contents for your personal or commercial project including using these videos for your client’s project.

How will I receive my order?
* After your order has been processed an email with the login instruction will be automatically sent to your email, please check your email for the login instruction on how to access your ordered products.
Where can I get help?
* If you require any support with our product please contact us through our online helpdesk.