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This massive collection of more than 500 premium motion backgrounds was never offered before to the market with PLR license. And this offer is a great opportunity for you to own PLR license to these 1000 motion backgrounds.

Rich media is a huge industry and motion backgrounds is part of that, motion backgrounds itself is a huge niche market where many big guys are offering them and making a lot of money from it. To prove our point, just have a look at VideoHive where there is a huge community uploading motion graphics for sell in the marketplace and the sales number alone prove that the market is extremely huge.

Creating motion background or motion graphic from scratch is a very time consuming task, it involved huge amount of time and it cost a lot to hire motion designer to build them for you. You will at least need to invest way above $10,000 to get 1000 motion graphics or motion backgrounds created for you.

So this is a very good opportunity to get into rich media business by getting your hand on 500 premium motion backgrounds with PLR license that give you the rights to rebrand and resell the files to the world at large or to your customers. The money making opportunity is huge in this industry and this opportunity we are presenting to you is definitely not to be missed if you are a serious investor or a wise business minded individual.

We like to do business using the traditional direct way, so we will skip all the fancy sales talk and get straight to the important point.

The deal is you can get PLR license to these 500 motion backgrounds for an amazing price of $99.95. $99.95 for 500 motion backgrounds with PLR license is not only a very good price, but rather an insane price! You should have already seen the great values behind this deal if you are a sane individual.

And the reason why we are able to offer this is because we only open this unique offer for few days only until this 13th November 2014. And after this offer is expired, this offer will be removed and will likely not be available anymore in the future.

And also remember that this is not just some normal PLR contents where you can easily get from any PLR website, there is no PLR website on the web that offer these contents with PLR license as they are way too valuable to be put into a membership website with PLR license.

And also remember that we sell these contents to very few buyers only so these contents are very unique on the web and these contents are not just some rehashed PLR contents. So you are getting a very high quality unique 500 premium motion backgrounds that you can get your investment back very easily.


Get the limited exclusive PLR license to the 500 Motion Backgrounds Package Now For Just $99.95!

== Offer Expired ==

FAQs and Information about this offer.

This is a special limited time offer and valid until the 13th September 2014 only, after the promotional period, this offer will not be available anymore. If you have any question about this offer, please contact us.

What can I do with the PLR license?

[NO] Can transfer Resell Rights license

[NO] Can Give Away the product for free.

[YES] Can be part of a paid membership site. (Min Price $19 a month)

[YES] Can be packaged with other paid products. (Min Price $39)

[YES] Can be sold individually. (Min Price $1 per clip)

[YES] Can use for your client’s project.

[YES] Can integrate in another project for resell.

[YES] Can use for commercial or personal nature projects.


I’m not interested in this PLR license offer. (This offer will not be presented to you again.)