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Ultra Motion Pack – Affiliate Information

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The Brand New Ultra Motion Pack will launch on 5th May 2015 at 9AM EST!

(As the unexpected may happen, the launch date may change, so please come back in few or several days before launch date or subscribe for latest updates)



Preview of the New Ultra Motion Pack

Find out more information about the new Ultra Motion Pack by preview the Ultra Motion Pack Sales Page.

A Fine Introduction!

The Brand New Ultra Motion Pack is the biggest HD Motion Backgrounds package release to date. There are a total of more than 600 rich media items in this gigantic package with 100 varieties themes motion backgrounds, 120 disco themed motion backgrounds and plenty of extra rich media items like motion elements with alpha channel transparent backgrounds, underlay text animations and many more awesome rich media contents!

These HD motion backgrounds and rich media items plus with the gigantic nature of the package, this new offer will definitely pull in huge interest from the traffics you sent. Plus all the motion backgrounds are created to work with extensive different video editing software out there. Software such as Camtasia, After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Explaindio or many more will has no problem working with these videos.

Like all our previous products, the new Ultra Motion Pack is also part of a high converting sales funnel, we have included a total of 2 different upsells in the sales funnel and each of the upsell is highly relevant to the frontend. This will definitely boost your conversion rate and increase your earnings.

With the tremendous values the new Ultra Motion Pack will bring and with the recent hot trend in the video niche, the Ultra Motion Pack will convert like crazy!

And the new Ultra Motion Pack is a high quality product and is backed by our professional support; promoting Ultra Motion Pack will put you in good company with good EPC plus low refund rate and most importantly put a smile to your list or traffics.

* All above information are for general guidelines only, as market condition may change, we may make adjustment to the product price before or during product launch if necessary.


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Sales Page and affiliate links

Sales Page: https://supergoodproduct.com/ultramotionpack/

Affiliate sign up page and link: 

JVZoo WarriorPlus

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Affiliate Bonus


Most of the top affiliates use bonuses to increase their conversion rate. And it has proven many times that using bonuses will always increase your conversion rate, so this is why we have produced this readymade bonus for you and you can use this ready to go bonus to create more incentive so your visitors buy from you.

We have also prepared a readymade bonus landing page and you can use it by just dropping down your affiliate link and you are ready to go. However we always recommend you to add your own to make your bonus offer more unique thus leading to a higher conversion rate.

Preview the Bonus landing page here.

Download the bonus landing page here.

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A new stunning new HD Motion Backgrounds collection set has just released! Its call “Ultra Motion Pack”

The new Ultra Motion Pack is the biggest HD motion backgrounds release to date, this is a gigantic collection of more than 600 rich media items and in the package you will find more than 250 HD motion backgrounds plus many more extra rich media items.

Check out more information about the new Ultra Motion Pack here. ###LINK###

These new motion backgrounds are mouthwatering; they are colorful, designed with eyes catching unique effects and with fantastic design that will literally suck your viewer in.

And all these motion backgrounds are format in high definition MP4 format which are 100% compatible with almost all the video editing software out there.

Apart from getting all the magnificent motion backgrounds, you will also receive many extra rich media items such as motion elements and underlay animations with alpha chancel backgrounds plus many more items that make this package extremely valuable.

These amazing new motion videos and all the extra rich media items in this package will add instant spice to any of your video or rich media project!

So find out more information about the new Ultra Motion Pack here. ###LINK###

PS: There is an introductory sales and the price is going up by the end of every day, so get it quick to lock in low price!

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The Ultra Motion Pack is now officially launched!

The brand new Ultra Motion Pack is a mammoth collection of incredible fresh new HD Motion Backgrounds.

This new motion backgrounds collection is truly a stunner,

* Total collection of more than 300 brand new HD motion background with each of the video is crafted with marvelous effects. (100 variety themes, 120 exicting disco themes, 50 abstract and 20 bokeh themes)

* Intense work has been invested into producing these videos resulting in motion background that will make literally suck your viewer in!

* All the videos are format in high definition quality to fully transmit the fine quality of these marvelous motion background effects to the end viewers.

* The entire collection of these videos has been optimized to be fully compatible with almost all the video editing software out there.


PLUS you will also receive a lot of extra rich media items such as the underlay animations with alpha channel transparent backgrounds set, motion elements plus many more that make the Ultra Motion Pack a truly super valuable package!

And the Ultra Motion Pack has just launched and it is having an introductory launch sale, so early birds will get an amazing low price.

So check out more the new Ultra Motion Pack and lock in the low introductory price before the price went up further! ###LINK###

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