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My Video Pal – Special Discount Page

This is a special discount offer page for our VIP members. Through this page you will receive a 50% discount on My Video Pal. If you were to get this product outside of this offer, you will need to pay more than $40 to get the entire package. But through this special, you can get the entire package of My Video Pal plus the original OTO package at a 50% discounted price.

All About My Video Pal, Watch The Below Presentation!

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/VideoPromotion.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]

Preview the Animated Text Swipes

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/AnimatedTextSwipes.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the Logo Introducer Swipes

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/LogoIntroducerSwipes.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the Office Swipe Files

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/OfficeSwipes.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the Swipe Files With Motion Backgrounds

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/SlidesWithMotionBackgrounds.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the Monster Swipe Files

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/MonsterSwipeFiles.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the 4 ReadyMade PowerPoint Video Templates


Template 1

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/Template1.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Template 2

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/Template2.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Template 3

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/Template3.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Template 4

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/MainPackage/Template4.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the Additional Animated Swipe Files Below


Photo Gallery Swipe Files

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/PhotoGallerySwipes.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Pricing Swipe Files

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/PricingSwipes.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Stage Swipe Files

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/StageSwipes.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Monster Varieties Swipe Files

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/VaritiesSwipeSlides.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Preview the Additional 4 PowerPoint Video Templates Below



[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/Business.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


March To The Front

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/MarchToTheFront.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


The Theater

[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/TheTheater.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]



[videojs mp4=”https://supergoodproduct.com/previews/MyVideoPal/OTO/TheWindows.mp4″ width=”848″ height=”480″]


Get My Video Pal Now For Just $19.95!

This offer will expire 6th September 2014, so don’t miss this awesome deal!

== Offer expired ==

My Video Pal is a recent new product that sold on the WarriorForum, the main package is currently selling at $27 and the optional one time offer package is selling at $15, it will cost you more than $40 if you were to get both the packages outside of this special offer. But through this special limited time offer, you can get My Video Pal plus the OTO package for a discounted price of $19.95!

This limited time offer is available strictly until this  6th September 2014 only, so don’t miss out!

Some Short FAQs

Templates Compatibility

All the video templates are created with fully utilizing all the features PowerPoint 2010 has to offer. These templates are not tested with earlier version of PowerPoint 2010 so it is highly recommended that you have PowerPoint 2010 before using these video templates.

What license will I receive with the product?

You will receive personal usage license which permits you to use the templates for yourself or commercial purposes. Commercial purpose covers using the templates to build video and sell them to your client. You cannot distribute or resell the templates.

What payment do you accept and how will I receive the product?

All payments are processed by PayPal and PayPal accept credit card and debit card payments, product delivery system will be handled through WarriorPlus and you will receive your purchased product instantly after payment is completed.