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Prelaunch special, the Ultimate Monster Video Combo is set to launch on 1st September 2014. Get the Ultimate Monster Video Combo plus the OTO at a special discounted price. This special prelaunch offer is available for our existing subscribers and valid only before the official launch of the Ultimate Monster Video Combo at 1st September 2014 10AM U.S Central Time.

Your Passport

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/YourPassport.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/Westwood.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/Unbreakable.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/TheSmooth.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/TheShaker.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/TheCrisis.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/TheCreative.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/ProSolution.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/PowerUp.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/Outro.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


March To The Front

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/MarchToTheFront.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


Listen Up

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/ListenUp.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/Main/Foody.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


Plus you will also receive the following 10 additional PPT video templates from the OTO package.


Amazing Promo

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/AmazingPromo.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/Business.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


Great Company

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/GreatCompany.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/Portfolio.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/ReachOut.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


Red Slide

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/RedSlide.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]



[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/SlowlyPurple.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


Something Cool

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/SomethingCool.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


The Theater

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/TheTheater.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


The Windows

[videojs mp4=”https://www.supergoodproduct.com/previews/UltimateMonsterVideoCombo/OTO/TheWindows.mp4″ width=”720″ height=”406″]


The Ultimate Monster Video Combo when launched on the 1st September 2014 will cost $13.90 for the main package and $13.90 for the OTO. But through this special offer you can get the front plus the OTO offer for just $19.95!

So Get the Ultimate Monster Video Combo Now For Just $19.95!

This offer will be closed on 1st September 2014 10am U.S Central Time when the Ultimate Monster Video Combo is officially launched!

Sorry but this offer has expired, but you can still get it here.

Important Information

* This is a special PreLaunch offer valid before the official launch date of the Ultimate Monster Video Combo and this offer is valid until the 1st September 2014 only.

* All order will be processed by PayPal and PayPal accept credit card payments from almost every countries in the world.

* After payment is completed, an activation email link will be sent to you. Please refer to the activation email for instruction on how to access the product.


Templates compatibility

All the templates above are only compatible with PowerPoint 2010 and above (Including PowerPoint 2013). These templates will not work with Open office. You can import these slides to Keynote but Keynote won’t retain the animations.

What license will I receive with the product?

You will receive personal usage license which permits you to use the templates for yourself or commercial purposes. Commercial purpose covers using the templates to build video and sell them to your client. You cannot distribute or resell the templates.

Is the background music used in the templates included?

Yes, the music used in the templates are included with the package.

If you have any question about this product, please contact us.