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1000+ Happy Customers Can’t be Wrong!

The Easy way to make professional and profitable videos in minutes!

My Video Pal V.3 allows you to create professional and fancy animated video that will grab your viewer attention and make them listen to what you have to say by using software that you probably have it on your computer right now!


Introducing My Video Pal Volume 3

Introducing My Video Pal Volume 3 the volume 3 of My Video Pal is bigger than ever and is packaged with brand new unique swipe files and templates!

My Video Pal V.3 Video Presentation

It’s a proven fact that animated videos create trust and increase sales and conversion!

My Video Pal V.3 solve the following problems,

* Video is something that is to complicated to create and spending money to hire someone to make your videos is better off.

* To create video that convert viewer into sales yourself, you will need to pricy or complicated and hard to use video editing software.


You now can create your own professional, fancy and high converting animated videos using My Video Pal V.3 with free software you most likely already have it installed in your computer and that is PowerPoint!

What Do You Get With My Video Pal V.3?

You get a total of 10 animated swipe files that you can mix and match them and create new unique variations of video super easily. Plus you will also receive 5 readymade video templates that you can use to deploy new videos quickly. Below are the list of swipe file sets that you will receive with the package,


  • Animated text swipe files.
  • Features introduction swipe files.
  • Features point swipe files.
  • Gallery swipe files.
  • Logo introduction swipe files.
  • Problems identification & solution swipe files.
  • Product or service introduction swipe files.
  • Statistic swipe files.
  • Team introduction swipe files.
  • Testimonial swipe files.
  • 5 Readymade PowerPoint video templates.
  • Royalty free music package that you can use to enhance your next video.
  • And other resources like fonts and etc.

You can easily copy & paste and mix and match the swipe files with each other and create new unique video variations easily. Or you can use the included readymade templates to rapidly deploy new videos. With the easy to use interface PowerPoint offer plus all the huge varieties of animated swipe files and templates that you can find in My Video Pal V.3, you literally can create unlimited variations of engaging videos with My Video Pal V.3!


My Video Pal is indeed your must have toolkit when it comes to video creation with PowerPoint!

Preview the Animated Swipe Files and Templates Below.

Preview the Animated Swipe Files Below

Use the swipe files set to mix and match with different swipe files set and create new unique variation of video super easily!


Animated Text Swipe Files


Features Introduction Swipe Files


Features Point Swipe Files


Gallery Swipe Files


Logo Introduction Swipe Files


Problems Identification Swipe Files


Product or Service Swipe Files


Statistic Swipe Files


Team Introduction Swipe Files


Testimonial Swipe Files


Preview the ReadyMade PowerPoint Video Templates

In a hurry? Why not use the readymade PowerPoint video templates to quickly deploy your next video project.


Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4


Template 5


Preview the Royalty Free Music Package

You will also receive 98 Royalty free music that you can use them in your next video or rich media project.

Why My Video Pal V.3?

There are many reasons why My Video Pal V.3 is the right choice, and below are just some of those reasons!

Superb Quality

All these swipe files and templates are professionally crafted to perfection and you can benefit from all these hard work that have already done for you that you can use to create high converting and fancy videos.

Take back your Sanity and Save your Time!

Forget about spending countless hours in front of your computer figuring out how to use some clunky or complicated video editing software instead with our swipe files and templates you can deploy professional videos in minutes by using software that you already know!

Make Money

Make money by using these swipe files and templates to create awesome looking videos that will impress your clients and make you the video marketing professional that your clients will want to pay you for your service!

Better ROI from any of your campaign

You can also use these swipe files and templates in any of your campaign like creating videos to boost your opt in rate, use them to create better landing page that will convert your visitors into buyers or use them to convert social media traffic like Facebook into buyers!

Create Video that Win Every Time!

With the ease of use that offer by PowerPoint plus the easy to use animated swipe files and templates that we put together, you can easily open up these templates and swipe files and create your new videos easily without any complicated process.

Save a lot of Money!

Save your money on hiring expensive freelancer, video designer, overpriced software or monthly recurring fees instead you have all the resources you need to create your next winning videos easily using PowerPoint!

Boost your Conversion Rate

Use these swipe files and templates to create conversion boosting videos that help you sell more of your product or service!

Create Awesome YouTube Content

Use these swipe files and templates to create engaging YouTube contents for your channel and attractive viral traffics to your website or build wave of loyal crowd following your channel.

Sum up of what you will receive,

With My Video Pal V.3, you will receive the following items,

  • Total collection of 10 animated swipe file sets with all swipe files fully animated with entrance and exit animations.
  • 5 ReadyMade PowerPoint video templates.
  • Royalty Free Music package that you can use in your video creation project.
  • Resources package like fonts and etc.
  • Music tracks package used in swipe files and templates.
  • Simple user guide and a PDF training guide linking to external YouTube training videos on how to use PowerPoint 2010.

Get My Video Pal V.3 Now!


My Video Pal V.3 is on dime sales, price will go up with each product sold, so get it now before the price went up further!

Frequently Ask Questions

List of critically important information, please read them before you buy My Video Pal V.3.

If you have questions not listed below, please contact us.

Software Compatibility (Important)
All the video templates are created with fully utilizing all the features PowerPoint 2010 has to offer. These templates will not work with earlier version of PowerPoint 2010 so it is highly recommended that you have PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 before using these video templates.
Will these templates work with PowerPoint for Mac, keynote, Open Office or other software?
My Video Pal V.3 is made exclusively for PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 for Windows so the short answer is no, but keynote can import these slides but it won’t retain the animations.
I don’t have PowerPoint but can I use the free online version of PowerPoint offered by Microsoft?
The free online version if PowerPoint lack of many features that you need to edit and publish video, you will still need the full version of PowerPoint to fully take advantages of My Video Pal V.3
Is there an OTO?
Yes, the OTO give you the option to purchase more animated swipe files and additional readymade PowerPoint video templates.
What license will I receive with the product?
You will receive personal usage license which permits you to use the templates for yourself or commercial purposes. Commercial purpose covers using the templates to build video and sell them to your client. You cannot distribute or resell the templates.
Can I record my voice to the videos?
Yes you can use the narration features to add your voice over to the slides.
Can I convert the slides to other languages?
You certainly can as long you have the appropriate languages installed in your computer.
Are the background music used in the above swipe files and templates included?
Yes they are included.
Can I change everything in the slides like the text, images, music etc?
Yes, you can change almost everything in the slides easily.
Can I mix and match the slides from different swipe files set easily?
Yes of course, that’s the idea behind My Video Pal V.3, you can copy and paste different slides from different swipe files set or templates and create new variations super easily.

If you have questions not listed above, please contact us.