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Motion Suite Pro V.4 Affiliate Information

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The Motion Suite Pro V.4 will launch at 6th March 2015 at 9AM EST!



The Awesome Motion Site Pro V.4!

Introducing the new Motion Suite Pro V.4, the previous Motion Suite Pro series has been converting very well with high EPC and the new Motion Suite Pro V.4 now come with a even better conversion boosting sales funnel that will sky rocket the EPC to a whole new level and most importantly generate big fat fulfilling commissions for you!

The Motion Suite Pro is a big collection of HD motion backgrounds that cover variety of different themes. The sales funnel is included with a total of 4 products and all of them are related to the frontend offer which will make the entire sales funnel convert very well.

And all the videos are fully compatible with all the popular video editing software available out there like PowerPoint, Explaindio, Keynote, After Effect, Camtasia, Easy Sketch Pro V.2 and many more!

Video hot these days so make some extra cash by promoting Motion Suite Pro V.4 today!

* All the information above are for general guidelines only, as market condition may change, we may make minor adjustments to the product price before or during product launch if necessary.



Sales Page and affiliate links

Sales Page: https://supergoodproduct.com/motionsuiteprov4/ (Coming Soon)

Affiliate sign up page and link: https://www.warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/zyvnqt

If you have any question or need any help, you can contact me through Skype, screenname “supermanwarrior” (without the quote) or contact us directory through this page.


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Hi ##NAME##,

The brand new Motion Suite Pro V.4 is now officially launched.

The new Motion Suite Pro is now bigger and packed with 120 HD motion backgrounds that cover variety of themes plus 200 HD minimalist motion backgrounds which bring the total collection to 320 HD Motion Backgrounds!


You can use these motion backgrounds to enhance any of your video creation or rich media project and all of them are compatible with your favorite video editing software like Explaindio, ESP V.2, Camtasia, After Effect and many more!

And the best news is you can get all these for a low amazing price, and as the Motion Suite Pro V.4 is launched through dime sales, the faster you get it the cheaper you will have to pay for it!

So don’t miss out this hot new offer! Find out more here, ###LINK###

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Hi ##NAME##,

Get your hands on 320 HD Motion Backgrounds and add instant enhancement to any of your video or riche media project!


The new Motion Suite Pro V.4 is included with a huge collection of 320 HD Motion Backgrounds, 120 variety themes and 200 minimalist with 20 unique designs (each design with 10 different background color variations).

And the awesome thing is that all the videos are compatible with all the major video editing software like Camtasia, Explaindio, ESP V.2, After Effect, PowerPoint, Keynote and many more!

The best news is the new Motion Suite Pro V.4 is launched through dime sales and the price is going up with each sale made, at this movement the price is still fairly cheap, so the faster you get the cheaper you will have to pay for it.

Check out more information about the new Motion Suite Pro V.4 here, ###LINK###

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