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Motion Suite Pro V.6 JV Information

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Motion Suite Pro V.6 launch date: 20th June 2015.





What is the Motion Suite Pro V.6?

The latest new Motion Suite Pro V.6 is the future. It comes with 100 new amazing Motion Backgrounds and all of them are format in 4K resolution. All the motion backgrounds are designed with alluring effects that will impress any taste bud. With 4K resolution Motion Suite Pro V.6 has already geared up for the future, your customers will LOVE Motion Suite Pro V.6!

A sum up of Motion Suite Pro V.6,

  • New captivating 100 4K resolution motion backgrounds.
  • Included with standard High definition 1080p version.
  • All videos are format in MP4 format and compatible with all the video creation software on the market.
  • Designed with stunning effects to impress every viewers.


Sales Page, Affiliate Links, Early Bird Pricing and etc.

Sales Page: https://www.supergoodproduct.com/motionsuiteprov6/

* Official lauch time is 20th June 2015 at 11AM.

* Early bird sales begin at 12AM 20th June 2015. Early bird will end at 11AM at the same day.

* Customers can purchase the product for $17 during the early bird sales, product price will go up by a dollar or more and dime sales or time sales will kicks in once the early bird sales ended.

* The early bird is the best time to maximize your sales as it create intense scarcity and urgency to get the product.

Affiliate sign up page and link:


* Request for one product will approve you for the entire funnel.


Affiliate Bonuses

We want to help you to maximise your conversion rate! And we sincerely do, this is why we have created an awesome bonus that you can use to push that conversion rate up! To give you full customization power over the bonus landing page, we have included all the source files that allow you to modfiy or add new contents to it easily.

* All the bonuses will be automatically delivered to your customers and they can download the bonuses through the member’s download page.

Download the affiliate bonuses landing page here. (Ready to go HTML plus PSD source files included)

Or view the bonus landing page online here.


If you have any question or need any help, you can contact me through Skype, screen name “supermanwarrior” (without the quote) or contact us directory through this page.


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