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Jumbo Video Blowout V.3 Launch Date: 4th July 2015.





What is the Jumbo Video Blowout V.3?

The Jumbo Video Blowout V.3 is the latest Jumbo Video Blowout series. As with the previous Jumbo Video Blowout, the new series is packaged with brand new contents like,

  • Collection of new PowerPoint animated slides modules in different style & themes.
  • Brand new PowerPoint video templates in popular niches.
  • Plus plenty of other video assets such as mascots, SVG graphics and etc.

Why promote Jumbo Video Blowout?

  • Video niche is huge and currently it is one of the popular niches out there and offers a lot of opportunities to make money from it.
  • PowerPoint video creation product still convert and this is proven from our previous Jumbo Video Blowout plus with recent similar product released on the market.
  • The new Jumbo Video Blowout is different, unique and better than ever, we have invested a lot of energy into crafting this product to perfection, the new Jumbo Video Blowout is packaged with some of new unique imaginative and ultra-creative contents and all these new creative contents will suck the visitors into looking for the buy button.
  • Producing quality products plus providing professional support for our products are always our priorities, with our professional approach to product creation and product support cycle; you will be in good company with high EPC product and low refund rate.
  • And I always reciprocate as long the product is a good fit to my list. So if you promoted my product before, don’t be hesitate to contact me if you need a good boost in your launch.


Sales Page, Affiliate Links, Early Bird Pricing and etc.

Sales Page Preview: https://www.supergoodproduct.com/jumbovideoblowoutv3-live

* Official launch date and time is 4th July 2015 at 11AM.

* Early bird sales begin at 6AM 4th July 2015. Early bird will end at midnight on the same day.

* Customers can purchase the product for $14.90 during the early bird sales, product price will go back to $17 and dime sales will kicks in after early bird sales ended.

* The early bird is the best time to maximize your sales as it create intense scarcity and urgency to get the product.

Affiliate sign up page and link:


* Request for one product will approve you for the entire funnel.

If you have any question or need any help, you can contact me through Skype, screen name “supermanwarrior” (without the quote) or contact us directory through this page.


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