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Introducing My Character Video

My Character Video is a toolkit that allow you to create highly engaging animated character videos using PowerPoint. My Character Video is jam packed with some awesome resources such as attractive animated character slides, readymade templates, mascot and other resources that you can use them to quickly deploy your next professional and eye catching animated character videos.

Video Presentation

Creating attractive and highly engaging animated character video easily using PowerPoint!

What is My Character Video?

My Character Video is a toolkit packed with professional and engaging animated character slides, templates and other resources that you can use to create animated character videos using PowerPoint. You can mix and match and create new unique animated character videos or you use the existing professional premade animated character video templates and make some minor changes to it and quickly deploy your next professional animated character video.

What is included with My Character Video?

  • You will find 4 different themes pack, each theme come with varieties of animated character slides and you will find all the different type of slides that you need to create your next video to promote your product or service. You will find slides like product introduction, testimonial, problem identification and etc.
  • We have included 4 ready to go templates that you can use as a base to quickly create your next professional and engaging animated character videos.
  • Female and male characters mascot, you will find 5 different female mascots and 4 different male mascot characters, each of the different mascot is included with different varieties of expression and poses. In addition to that the package also comes with a female and male mascot creator where you can create different type of new unique male and female mascots. (The mascot creator tool require Photoshop CS and above)
  • 98 Royalty free music package that you can use in your next video creation project.
  • And a resources package is also included where you will find useful resource items like sound effects, icons you can use in your video project, fonts and etc.

The New My Character Video is a Must Have toolkit when it comes to creating animated character video with PowerPoint!

My Character Video Brief Features & Benefits

Brief features and benefits of My Character Video.

With My Character Video, creating your next engaging animated character video has never been easy! You can do everything by using the easy to use PowerPoint software!
Establish your own video production business and create professional animated character videos using My Video Character then sell them to your clients for $200 to $600 each. Videos are in high demand these days, and you won’t have problem finding your next clients!
With 4 different themes, myriad selection of different slides and with the mascot creation tools included you can create unlimited different variations of engaging animated character videos with My Video Character!
No more complicated and expensive video editing software and save your hassle with incomplete or broken video editing software, you can do everything in the powerful PowerPoint software!
No more hiring expensive video designer or freelance to create your next video. You can now do everything yourself by using PowerPoint and My Video Character!
It is a well-established fact that video convert better, so boost your product or service conversion rate overnight easily by using professional and engaging character video to promote them.

What You Get with My Character Video?

Browse through below to see what you will receive with My Character Video!

Preview the Different Themes

Use the following themes set to mix and match and replace the existing mascot character with new different character to create new unique variants.

Theme 1


Theme 2


Theme 3


Theme 4

Preview the ReadyMade PowerPoint Video Templates Below

You can use the following templates to quickly create your video, all the following templates are made from the included theme slides, you can easily mix and match from the theme slides and create unlimited unique variations!

PowerPoint Video Template 1


PowerPoint Video Template 2


PowerPoint Video Template 3


PowerPoint Video Template 4

Preview the 98 Royalty Free Music Package Below

98 Royalty Free Music Package Preview

Mascot Characters Package

You will find a total of 5 different female mascots and 4 male mascots set, each set is included with varieties of different poses and expressions. Plus you will also receive a male and female mascot creation tool that you can use to create unique new mascot characters. (The mascot creator tool require Photoshop CS+)

Sum up of what you will receive,

With My Character Video, you will receive the following items,

  • Total of 4 different animated character themes.
  • Each theme come with varieties of different slides that cover different video sections such as, product introduction, problem identification, product features, testimonial and etc.
  • 4 different readymade animated character templates that you can use to quickly deploy your next engaging animated character video.
  • Included with 5 females mascot characters, 4 males mascot characters with each mascot character comes with varieties of poses and expressions. And a females & males mascot creator tool that you can use to create new unique variations of mascot character. (Mascot creator tool require Photoshop CS and above)
  • Resources package that is included with sound effect files, icons and other items that you can use in your next video project.

Get My Character Video Now!

My Character Video is launched through dime sales and the price is increasing fast with each product sold, so get it now before the price went up further!

Frequently Ask Questions

List of frequently asked but important questions.

If you have questions not listed below, please contact us.

Software Compatibility (Important)
All the video templates are created with fully utilizing all the features PowerPoint 2010 has to offer. These templates will not work with earlier version of PowerPoint 2010 so it is highly recommended that you have PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 before using these video templates.
Will these templates work with PowerPoint for Mac, keynote, Open Office or other software?
My Character Video is made exclusively for PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013 for Windows so the short answer is no, but keynote can import these slides but it won’t retain the animations.
I don’t have PowerPoint but can I use the free online version of PowerPoint offered by Microsoft?
The free online version if PowerPoint lack of many features that you need to edit and publish video, you will still need the full version of PowerPoint to fully take advantages of My Character Video
Is there an OTO?
Yes, the OTO give you the option to purchase more themes and additional readymade PowerPoint video templates.
What license will I receive with the product?
You will receive personal usage license which permits you to use the templates for yourself or commercial purposes. Commercial purpose covers using the templates to build video and sell them to your client. You cannot distribute or resell the templates.
Can I record my voice to the videos?
Yes you can use the narration features to add your voice over to the slides.
Can I convert the slides to other languages?
You certainly can as long you have the appropriate languages installed in your computer.
Are the background music used in the above themes and templates included?
Yes they are included.
Can I change everything in the slides like the text, images, music etc?
Yes, you can change almost everything in the slides easily.
Can I mix and match the slides from different slides easily?
Yes of course, that’s the idea behind My Character Video, you can copy and paste different slides from different slides or templates and create new variations super easily.

If you have questions not listed above, please contact us.