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My Video Pal V.2 – Affiliate Information

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My Video Pal V.2 is the predecessor to My Video Pal V.1 and it is bigger than ever from the first version. The first version of My Video Pal has been converting like crazy and My Video Pal V.2 will convert even better!

My Video Pal V.2 is a giant toolkit packed with set of animated swipe files and templates. The package comes with varieties of different swipe files, readymade templates, royalty free music package, mascot package and graphics package that allow anyone to create engaging and beautiful video using PowerPoint.

An OTO offer is also built in My Video Pal V.2 sales funnel; the OTO is an irresistible offer that gives the buyer a chance to super-size My Video Pal V.2 with additional stunning animated swipe files plus templates.

Why you should promote My Video Pal V.2?

The first version of My Video Pal V.2 has been converting like crazy and was picked up by WarriorPlus as WSO of the day within 24 hours. And the OTO of My Video Pal has been converting with more than 60% conversion rate. My Video Pal V.2 will bring satisfactory conversion rate to you which means more commission to your pocket!

As you aware that promoting too many junk products to your list will lose your reputation in the long run with your subscribers? But not with My Video Pal V,2. I have spent a lot of time, energy and money in building the second version of My Video Pal, and I am confident to say you will be promoting a high quality product that will secure high conversion rate and most importantly leaving the customers happy and increase your reputation with your subscribers!

Sales Funnel


 My Video Pal V.2 including the OTO is launched through dime sales and the price will increase by $0.01 with each product sold.

Sales Page Links

Sales Page: https://supergoodproduct.com/myvideopalv2/

Affiliate sign up page and link: https://www.warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/nb9yzs

Email Swipes

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Video marketing is not only going to set to explode over the next couple of years but its already happening today. The reason why video marketing is hot because it convert so much better, a professionally made video will boost a 40% or more increase in conversion rate overnight.

But the problem is creating a professional and engaging video is a tedious task, it involve pricy and complicated video editing software and if you don’t have the technical skills, you will need many months or even years or learning curve before you can start producing professional videos yourself. Or you could spend a fortune in hiring expensive video designers or freelancers.

The good news is, there is a solution to this problem. Introducing My Video Pal V.2,  this new product allow you to use the world’s most popular software “PowerPoint” to create professional and engaging videos.

My Video Pal V.2 is a huge toolkit that comes with animated swipe files, templates and other resources that allow you to create professional videos easily using PowerPoint.

So check out My Video Pal V.2 through this link, ##LINK##

PS: My Video Pal V2 is launched through dime sales, and the price is going up with each product sold, so make sure you act quick while the price is cheap!

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